FAQs – Services

Which is better – wax or thread?

Both and wax and thread are great for precise hair removal. Regardless of the method being used, my priority is to give you your most fabulous brows. My personal preference is wax because it allows me to create unique shapes that fit your face and eyes best.

Which is more painful – wax or thread?

Both hair removal methods result in very minor discomfort.

Which keeps hair away longer – wax or thread?

Regrowth depends on your hair growth rate, not the removal method.

How long should l allow my brows to grow before making a reservation?

Giving your brows time to grow is super important to achieving the best shape. Depending on your growth pattern, it’s recommended that you let your eyebrows grow for 6-8 before making a reservation. For follow up visits, 5-7 weeks of regrowth is recommended.

What is eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting involves applying a gentle dye to your eyebrows for about 10 to 15 minutes in an effort to take them a shade or two darker. Tinting works wonders for sparse brows in particular because it “grabs” lighter hairs resulting in a fuller, more defined shape. The dye lasts about two to three weeks (depending on skin type and following proper post care directions) so you’ll need to fill in your brows less.